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In other words, in a high tech-high touch world, high touch wins every time.  One of the great networking trainers,
David Stewart, likes to say that, although the follow up on decisions is often driven by logic, people make decisions
based on emotion.  Think about it for a second.  He’s right.  

Eminem doesn’t say play the music, he says lose yourself in the music.  In other words, connect your soul.  
Computers, internets, answering machines, emails can’t do this.  People don’t lose themselves in email or

People make the decision to commit based on visceral instincts.  

When they say reach out and touch someone, it resonates.
Reach out and send an electronic message does not resonate.

All the studies done on why distributors join and stay with network marketing companies point to the top factors as
personal and emotional:

Bonding with company leadership;
Bonding with field leadership;
Bonding with company vision;
And Bonding with the product itself.

All of these connections are visceral and personal.

So, use all those new high tech tools for great communication.  But don’t kid yourself.  There is no substitute for the
personal connection if you intend to be successful in recruiting and network marketing.

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