Value Is The "In" Thing Continued

By Jeffrey Babener, © 2013
The trend is changed and now Americans want "value" first.  It is hard to say whether network marketing companies
are following the trend back to value or whether they missed the yuppie cycle altogether, and the cycle has merely
returned to that which they always stressed, i.e, family-oriented value products.  A few products such as network
marketed designer toys and some of the upscale network marketing cosmetics companies probably took on some
of the elements of the yuppie era.  Generally network marketing distributors and their customers did not identify
with this upscale cycle.  The demographics were not there.  Most people agree that the products of MLM
companies are priced somewhat higher than the market, but it is generally believed the reason is in the quality and
unique nature of the products, and not in snob appeal.

Although Americans always seem to pay a little more for quality, convenience and service, most American
households today are cautious in their spending.  Many are unsure of the economy.  Many are returning to buying
habits that should fit like a glove with the demographics of network marketers and their customers.  Today's
consumer is saying that he or she wants value and quality, but will not buy for snob appeal anymore.  These are
good prospects for both products and part-time extra income opportunities offered by today's network marketing

Surveys by ad agencies for Fortune 500 companies show consumers are less willing to shell out the bucks for
prestige name brands.  Ad spots are reflecting this trend.  In one Subaru commercial made by the same folks that
produce Nike shoes successful ads, the star of the ad says:  "Don't tell me about wood paneling, about winning the
respect of my neighbors.  They're my neighbors.  They're not my heroes ... I don't want a new car every few years.  
I want to save money.  I want to have money.  Tell me.  Give me the facts ... Stop talking new.  Stop talking shiny.  
Start talking sense.  Tell me."

This is probably the trend in the "big" marketplace, and it coincides directly with the emphasis that most network
marketing companies offer.  The success in network marketing in recent years in discounted long distance
telephone service,  consumer benefits programs that offer discount shopping and coupon services, and the
convergence of the term insurance industry with MLM with companies like A.L. Williams is evidence that the mindset
of network marketing is in the right place.  Water filter companies that save you money on bottled water and
companies like Tupperware that allow consumers to get extra mileage out of their expenditures are good

As a general matter, network marketing products are not necessarily name brand or prestige brand products.  Both
distributors and customers of these companies fit the emerging label coined by University of Oregon Ph.D., Lynn
Kahle, "role relaxed" consumer.  A "role-relaxed" consumer is one that sets his or her own criteria for value and
quality.  This is a perfect fit for the emerging entrepreneurs of the network marketing industry.

So good luck.  Remember, however, "value" is the watchword.  "Value" in the opportunity you pick,  and "value" in
what you offer to the consumer.

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